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The Junction of Hook-Up Culture and Violation Taste

The Junction of Hook-Up Culture and Violation Taste

With “Take Back the evening” wrapping up, a month to take a stand against rape culture and sex-related harm, along with the aftermath belonging to the Steubenville rape case, no sex-related assault provides definitely been recently on my idea not too long ago.

The very thought of agreement can become a confounding one, particularly with the attitude around sexual intercourse on university campuses here, and I also wanted to show among our mind and internal dialogue about that problem with all the beautiful HCWC weblog supporters.

Precisely what leads to the dilemma around something sex-related harm and agreement? In my own tries to respond to this query, i have already been imagining how the laid-back perceptions about gender that pervade university nowadays, resulting in a diminished requirements of desire to have consensual intercourse, can bring about a perceived ambiguity around agreement.

For those of you who possessn’t discovered the Steubenville violation situation, on March 17 th , two 16-year previous sons happened to be convicted of violation in Steubenville, Iowa.Leer más »The Junction of Hook-Up Culture and Violation Taste